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-Innovative utilities for CASIO pocket viewer

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supports: PV-250X, PV-450X, PV-S250, PV-S450, PV-750, PV-S460, PV-S660, PV-S400 Plus, PV-S1600

MiniBook 2.61

also supports PV-S1600

Free download of full functional evaluation version and try it for 30 days

This item is no longer available for purchasing

MiniBook - A e-book reader for CASIO pocket viewer.

With MiniBook for CASIO PV-S450 and PV-S660, you can read your favorite novels, news, , in your pocket viewer at anytime, anywhere.

You can read e-books in these languages:

  • English and Western European languages (Latin1)
  • Simplyfied Chinese (GB2312)
  • Central European languages (Latin2)
  • Russian (Cyrillic)

Free downloads for MiniBook

MiniBook Manual

Now has MiniAlbum bundled!

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MiniBook Partner 2.50

also supports PV-S1600

Free Download:
Chinese version
English version
German version
Italian version
Russian version

MiniBook Partner for Windows - A Windows application works closely with MiniBook.

Convert plain text file to MiniBook format and download it to your MiniBook program in Pocket Viewer. Just point your favorite search engine to "+ebook +text +download", you will find a lot of e-books in text format. Download and transfer it to MiniBook using MiniBook partner.

MiniBook Partner Manual


MiniFile System Library

also supports PV-S1600

Free download of evaluation version

This item is no longer available for purchasing

MiniFile system Library - A library module for Pocket Viewer application developer.

Empower your application with Mini File System.

Mini File System Library Manual

MiniFile Tools

also supports PV-S1600

Free Download

MiniFile Tools - A file management tool for Pocket Viewer MiniFileSystem.

Delete files, perform file system management, launch MFS server.

MFS Tool/Client Manual

MFSC.gif (16324 bytes)

MiniFileServer Client

also supports PV-S1600

Free Download

MiniFileServer Client - A windows application to connect to MFS server.

Transfer files between PC and MFS in Pocket Viewer, create/remove directories, perform file system management.

MFS Tool/Client Manual

album.jpg (9288 bytes)

MiniAlbum/MiniAlbum Lite

also supports PV-S1600

Free Download of MiniAlbum Lite

MiniAlbum/MiniAlbum Lite - A photo viewer for pocket viewer.

View photos in your pocket viewer.

MiniAlbum is bundled with MiniBook

Read MiniAlbum Manual